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Mitul Doshi
Citrin Cooperman
Cleared US CPA exams in Aug-2019
I knew about Miles since 5 years and finally decided to go for the CPA course in November 2018. It has proved to be a great experience with Miles. The study materials provided by Miles are excellent and have helped immensely. I have seen videos from Becker’s and from Roger’s but Varun’s style of teaching trumps ... Read_More
Nazrul Islam
Grant Thornton, LLP
Cleared US CPA exams in Mar-2019
I came to know about Miles though Google and after reading the positive reviews on several websites, I finally decided to go for it. I feel CPA qualification has given me an edge over other professionals since I have an in-depth knowledge about US markets and regulations. This knowledge helps me in a firm like Grant Thornton, ... Read_More
Shivani Gupta
Unit Manager
Cleared US CPA exams in Aug-2019
Yay! I finally passed all 4 parts of my CPA exam. Thank to Miles CPA Review for being so helpful in this tough process. If it wasn’t for Miles, it would have been very difficult. I love the way Varun teaches, he doesn’t just read from the book, he actively engages and does problems on the ... Read_More
Siddarth Sivaram
Audit Senior Assistant
Cleared US CPA exams in Aug-2019
I came across Miles Education when I was searching for CPA lectures on YouTube and I was sold after seeing a couple of lectures by Varun. The style of teaching is suited for Indian students and that is why I chose Miles over Becker’s or Roger’s. Since I have joined, the support that I’ve ... Read_More
Ishita Gandhi
Job Seeker
Cleared US CPA exams in Feb-2019
Miles has been helpful to me through and through. I have given the papers in18 months, and throughout this journey I have received full support from Miles and my co-ordinator. From video lectures, classes and notes, Miles’ support was perfect. I came to know about Miles Education from a friend in Hyderabad who was quite impressed with ... Read_More
Nihar Khanzode
Job Seeker
Cleared US CPA exams in Aug-2019
After completing my graduation I wanted to pursue a course in the field of Accounting which would open up better career opportunities. So after doing little research I joined Miles to pursue CPA course. I am Grateful to Miles for guiding me right from the beginning through the evaluation process, learning about the concepts, question solving, motivating, ... Read_More
Abbas Bahrainwala
Sharaf Exchange
Cleared US CPA exams in Aug-2019
Hard work and sheer determination leaves nothing unachievable, but at Miles, it just not get achievable but also easier. With Miles I have reached another milestone of my professional career upon becoming a CPA. The easy-to-understand training videos by CPA, CMA Varun Jain, interactive webinars, self-explanatory books by miles and the unparalleled support from miles faculties made ... Read_More
Aneesh Antony
Business Analyst
Cleared US CPA exams in Aug-2019
Miles team has been warm & supportive at each stage of my progress. They have been helpful in guiding me through Application & Credential Evaluation process, quick to respond whenever I was stuck in studies, professional & attentive to our issues. I had heard about Miles Education & CPA a long ago. However, I have quickly realized that US CPA is ... Read_More
Ankit Gupta
Cleared US CPA exams in Aug-2019
I had an excellent experience with Miles Education. During my tenure at EY, I had a chance to work on many projects involving US GAAP, and I soon realized that US CPA is the gold standard of accounting. Hence my relationship with Miles and US CPA became possible. It has given me a platform to follow my ... Read_More
Siddharth Sharma
Audit and Compliance Analyst
Zenwork, Inc.
Cleared US CPA exams in Feb-2019
I am immensely thankful to Miles CPA review for being a stepping stone towards realising my dream of being a US CPA. This journey wasn't easy but Miles - with the most comprehensive, updated and accurate material along with round the clock guidance from mentors such as Varun Jain and the faculty at Delhi - helped me ... Read_More
Sidharth Gehlawat
Audit Senior Assistant
Deloitte India (Offices of the US)
Cleared US CPA exams in Jun-2019
As an auditor in Big 4, CPA was a must do for moving up the ladder in my career and Miles made it much easier. The material provided by Miles is very comprehensive and balanced. Varun simplifies complex and technical concepts with his amazing way of teaching. The question bank, especially MCQs helped a lot in cracking the ... Read_More
Manisha Selvamani
Ex-Data Associate
Cleared US CPA exams in Jun-2019
I had always wanted to have a professional qualification and after a lot of research I chose CPA, and pursuing it with Miles has been a great experience. They have a fantastic team which guided me throughout the whole process right from the beginning. The Miles course material and OTB is, without doubt, the best and it ... Read_More
Siddhi Pattade
Cleared US CPA exams in Jan-2019
Miles Education proved to be the major contributor for my success in the CPA exam. Right from the course materials, to the lectures and videos, registration, and examination, Miles faculty and support were always helpful. For me the study material provided along with OTB and mock test practice were adequate to clear this challenging course. Since I ... Read_More
Amit Ahuja
Account Executive
Paperchase Accountancy Inc
Cleared US CPA exams in Feb-2019
Clearing CPA helped me learn accounting professionally. It cleared the fundamentals and has helped me in my professional journey as well. My experience with Miles had been very good and satisfying. Follow Miles and you would reach the destination soon. Miles is simply a path breaker! ... Read_More
Abhishek Batra
A.K.Batra & Associates
Cleared US CPA exams in Feb-2019
US CPA has certainly broadened my vision. Miles has been a very good companion towards the CPA milestone and the experience was good. ... Read_More
Deepika Jain
Chartered accountant
D N Jain & Associates
Cleared US CPA exams in Jan-2019
I found CPA when I was researching for some challenging courses and qualifications. I can say that CPA has added a certain value to my career path. Classes at miles were really interactive and the course material is just to the point and really helpful ... Read_More
Abbas Syed
A.A Shah and Associates LLP
Cleared US CPA exams in Mar-2019
My journey with miles was probably the longest due to some eligibility issues, which were resolved very efficiently by the faculty. Varun’s lectures were very effective and helped a lot in grasping the vast CPA content. He sees to it that the entire syllabus is covered in the class itself. All one needs to do is ... Read_More
Ashish Vohra
Ethics and Compliance Officer
Cleared US CPA exams in May-2019
I wanted to study CPA to keep myself abreast of the latest changes in the world of accounting literature and regulations. Having completed the course, I am quite happy with the learning experience and would credit Miles Education for making the study material and videos in a very simple, cohesive manner. CPA study curriculum is quite extensive ... Read_More
Nabarun Bandyopadhyay
Audit Assistant
Ex-Deepak Paul & Associates
Cleared US CPA exams in May-2019
Joining Miles is the best decision in my life to enter the professional world. I am very satisfied and helped by the classes of Varun. I will advise every CPA aspiring candidate to attend Miles classes with dedication which is more than enough to pass. My interest in Varun’s teaching method drove me to Miles to ... Read_More
Shatheya Vaishnavi
Ex-Audit Assistant
Vedam & Co
Cleared US CPA exams in May-2019
I am thankful to Miles which has given me the platform for achieving this success and in making my dream of becoming a CPA come true. Miles materials and videos were instrumental in making me clear all four sections as they are systematically designed and are clear and easier to understand the concepts. Their online test bank ... Read_More
Parth Patel
Staff Accountant
Citrin Cooperman
Cleared US CPA exams in Jun-2019
After suffering almost 2 years in failure of CA Final Exams, I had no idea what to do next. I joined CPA with Miles in such a frustration and had no idea what would happen. Today, I realise that it was the best decision of my life! I was able to clear the CPA exams successfully and it ... Read_More
Pradeep Reddy
Northern Trust
Senior Analyst
Cleared US CPA exams in Jun-2019
Miles has been very helpful in my prepping for my professional courses. My CMA and CPA journey was made easy by Miles through their various study material and subject wise videos as well as assistant with completing exam procedures. The institute also helped me connect with corporates and ultimately getting placed in Northern Trust. I want to ... Read_More
Shailee Shah
Staff Accountant
Citrin Cooperman
Cleared US CPA exams in Aug-2019
I was not aware about CPA until I attended a seminar regarding it. But after that, nothing but only CPA was on my mind. Joining Miles was the best decision I have made. Once you get through Miles concept books and OTB, exams cannot be difficult to deal with. Lectures of Varun sir were really effective, especially ... Read_More
Tharani Satya Sushma Polamarasetti
Audit Assistant
Cleared US CPA exams in Aug-2019
When I was checking for CPA classes in hyderabad, I came to know about the Miles Institute. Varun is an eminent instructor for CPA course. The way he explains the concept is crystal clear.And the OTB that miles provide is huge.In my exams, I felt miles OTB particularly DRS simulations are tougher than CPA examination ... Read_More
Ajesh Shah
Cleared US CPA exams in 2018
Watch Miles videos thoroughly and read miles book twice and mcqs and the CPA destination is not so far. My experience with Miles has been very good. ... Read_More
RAVI Singh
Senior Auditor
Ernst & Young
Cleared US CPA exams in -2018
Miles CPA review gave all support required to pass my CPA exam on time and was my best buddy in the exam days. Referring only miles text books and OTB can get you through the concepts quite easily. ... Read_More
Rohit Phophaliya
Audit Senior
Cleared US CPA exams in 2018
The experience with Miles has been overwhelming. The kind of material, teaching and practice Miles provided really helped me in scoring well and achieving the designation. Only focus on content from course materials of Miles and online test bank for practice, no need to look for anything anywhere else.... Read_More
Aditya Sethia
Cleared US CPA exams in Oct-2018
I came to know about this exceptional course through my organisation Ernst & Young. As I am working in a Big 4 firm, taking up a professional course is one of the requirements for me to climb up the ladder. I would highly recommend to be thorough with your concepts, which is one of the reasons I liked the ... Read_More
Akshita Jain
Assurance Associate
Cleared US CPA exams in 2018
Miles has been a great support throughout and is an amazing platform to connect to the entire world with the help of international courses they provide.... Read_More
Neha Shrestha
Financial Analysis Manager
American Express
Cleared US CPA exams in Dec-2018
I came to know about the CPA course while working at Ernst & Young and immediately decided to go for it. I could not have found a better review course. Varun's teaching style made even the most complex of topics easy to understand. The question bank and a very supportive and responsive subject experts also helped solve my ... Read_More
Rashmi Pushpala
Process Associate
Ex- Genpact
Cleared US CPA exams in 2018
I was planning to get back to work after a long break for that I wanted to pursue a professional course which would give me an edge in Accounting Profession. So I decided to Pursue CPA . It has given me confidence to restart my career. Miles is a very energetic team and it is a good place ... Read_More
Prince Gupta
Audit Senior
Cleared US CPA exams in Dec-2018
I can proudly say that I am Miles Alumni ,one of the best CPA and CMA training Institute. Post completing my CMA with Miles i decided to go for CPA as well with them, considering the way they support students. My journey for both CMA and CPA was fabulous. I did not face any problem from my ... Read_More
Rajib Das
AVP - Finance
Abzooba India Infotech Pvt Ltd
Cleared US CPA exams in Dec-2018
CPA really helping me in my current job as I have to take care of Accounts and Finance operation for USA along with India. The Miles study material was very good and the way Varun taught in video was very interesting and motivating. ... Read_More
Amit Mishra
Tax accountant
Perfect Tax
Cleared US CPA exams in 2018
First of all I would like to say thanks to Instructor Mr. Varun Jain for his wonderful in depth lecture. My experience at Miles was very good. I would highly recommend Miles CPA review course for CPA... Read_More
Jessica Jessica
Audit Assistance
Cleared US CPA exams in Jun-2018
I have done my CMA and CPA both through Miles. Miles makes it very clear and concise, Varun Jain's contents and Videos are unique and very good. Miles all staff is very supportive and helpful, response received is prompt. Will recommend Miles for all CPA and CMA Aspirants. ... Read_More
Hardik Shah
Co Founder & COO
Cleared US CPA exams in Apr-2018
At Miles I had really good experience preparing for CPA exams, Faculty are very supportive and Support staff is also very friendly, They made my CPA journey very smooth and easy.... Read_More
Viral Shah
Senior Auditor
Citrin Cooperman
Cleared US CPA exams in Feb-2018
I don’t have words to describe my gratitude towards Varun Sir and the whole Miles team. I can say that I had a dream of USA CPA since I became Indian CA in May 2010. Till April 2016, I was confused and was in doubts about CPA USA course, its eligibility & concept books and a lot of other ... Read_More
Kishan Bharatkumar Panchal
Audit Senior
Cleared US CPA exams in Feb-2018
Miles Education’s assistance and Varun Sir’s books & teaching techniques are truly exceptional. It helped me brilliantly in clearing basic concepts and how to overcome challenge of MCQs. I solely relied on his books and online test bank to clear my examination. Thank you Miles team for helping me in my success. ... Read_More
Mahvir Kothari
Strategy Head
Khyati Group
Cleared US CPA exams in Apr-2018
I came to know about CPA Bby google ads of Miles. Only four exams and that too at your speed. Miles is an excellent CPA course provider with trained faculty and supportive staff. US CPA will help you in number of ways. It can lead you to having a global career in the field of accounting, finance ... Read_More
Yashita Agarwal
Senior Audit Assistant
Ernst & Young
Cleared US CPA exams in Apr-2018
I came across US CPA while I was studying for my CA Final exams. I was always passionate to pursue a US professional course. I went to Miles office after my exams and took counselling session about the course. The best thing about the course is its structure as there are just four exams and it is ... Read_More
Sarbajeet Kaur
Cleared US CPA exams in Feb-2018
I would like to thanks, Mr. Varun Jain who made the whole study process so smooth with his amazing simple study material, lectures, mnemonics and in-depth understandability of toughest concepts of every subject.Learning from miles was a great experience altogether with very helpful teams-Be it academic or national instructors or local instructors or manager.So overall ... Read_More
Ahibhusan Chattaraj
Audit Manager
Emirates Global Aluminium
Cleared US CPA exams in Aug-2018
All my thanks to Miles. Varun's videos are fantastic, he is a gem! I am a mechanical engineer and I started from scratch but still I did not need to put a lot of effort to clear CPA. All credit to Varun and Miles team . ... Read_More
Rajesh Asopa
AVP-Group Internal Audit
Standard Chartered Bank
Cleared US CPA exams in Jan-2018
Miles was instrumental in helping me succeed on the CPA exam. The material is well organised, the instructors are highly knowledgeable and the practice questions are both extensive and similar to the actual test. I would recommend Miles to anyone looking to crack the CPA examination in a shorter period of time due to the support they ... Read_More
Nikita Rekhi
Audit Senior
Ernst and Young Global
Cleared US CPA exams in 2018
I came across US CPA from EY. Having made a decision to continue in Audit, it made perfect sense to add professional qualification and CPA seemed the best fit to the requirements. Miles is the study course best designed for Indian students. It is adapted to meet the requirements of working professionals as well. A simple tip ... Read_More
Parag Agarwal
Associate Director
Cleared US CPA exams in -2018
CPA pattern of studying is analytical and relevant which creates more interest unlike any other Indian professional cources. I have to just focus on exams preparation which was quite enjoyable as well, Miles support is at every level whether registration, exams,license. Once you join Miles, they take complete care of your CPA journey ... Read_More
Nitheesh Sudhakaran
MIM International Consultancies
Cleared US CPA exams in Jun-2018
I got to know of the designation since I was already working in the audit domain. Global recognition of the course is what made me pursue the same. CPA would be a game changer for your career. The fact that it is a widely and globally recognized qualification alone is enough motivation. CPA ensures that your career ... Read_More
Bhanu Kumar
Senior Auditor
Axis auditing and Accounting
Cleared US CPA exams in -2018
I was previously working in KPMG US Auditing, looking at the quality of the profession inspired me to take up the course. I would recommend the course aspirants to go for the course if they want to gain specialized knowledge about US GAAP, GAAS and US Taxation. Thoroughly read the class material, wiley and practice OTB as ... Read_More
Amogh Malali
Senior Financial Analyst
Cleared US CPA exams in 2017
Learning at Miles was a great experience. The materials simplified much complex topics and the classes were appropriately paced. Needless to say Varun's way of teaching is excellent. A big thanks to Miles team for the assistance right from getting an evaluation done to getting a CPA license. I wish Miles CPA Review a great success in ... Read_More
Harshil Trivedi
Cleared US CPA exams in Feb-2017
I was not even aware of the CPA course until a day where I received a message from Miles about the course. Once registered, it had been an amazing journey throughout and would like to thank Varun Sir for teaching the concepts in a precise manner. The study material and the highlighted notes were completely reliable during ... Read_More
Anmol Agrawal
Private Secretary
Member of Parliament lok Sabha
Cleared US CPA exams in Apr-2017
"I can say that 95% of my result came through miles only because the concept and clarity was very good in videos and classrooms as well and concept was well structured in the books I also studied from Wiley books which was provided by miles although it was suggested by my tutors Mohit and Varun I should not ... Read_More
Elvin Abraham
Cleared US CPA exams in Dec-2017
A big 'thank you' !!! to team Miles for making my dream come true .Miles texts and videos made syllabus simple and easy to understand in limited time, and i wish all the very best to all miles candidates. Miles is Destination to CPA!! ... Read_More
Kush Desai
Deputy Manager
Cleared US CPA exams in Dec-2017
Overall my experience with miles is very good I blindly relied on miles book and faculty is also good and supportive. I quite liked Varun videos. ... Read_More
Megha Kothari
Cleared US CPA exams in Dec-2017
I had an aspiration to have an international degree of repute and after a long hunt I pursued CPA and it was totally worth it. A great mentor, Varun and his enthusiastic team were a bridge between me and my goal. They guided me right from evaluation, eligibility credits, writing the CPA exam and obtaining license. The ... Read_More
Gurusha Sharma
Audit Senior
Ernst & Young
Cleared US CPA exams in Dec-2017
Miles has always catered to my queries and has supported me throughout. I am very satisfied with the course material as well as the coaching classes. Miles people are really helpful and friendly. Overall I am grateful to Miles and would recommend it to the budding CPAs. ... Read_More
Gulshan Parwani
Senior Associate
Cleared US CPA exams in Dec-2017
I thought of pursuing CPA in the year 2016. I am already a Chartered Accountant. I started my career with KPMG global practice on September 28, 2015. Being in the field of US Auditing, i made my mind to complete CPA which would be an added advantage to my CA qualification. The big challenge of doing CPA was to have ... Read_More
Chetan Agarwal
Audit Senior Associate
Cleared US CPA exams in Aug-2016
A lot of credit goes to Miles for helping me clear all 4 papers in first attempt along with a full time job. The material and lectures are quite comprehensive and focuses a lot on concept building and makes CPA exam a cake walk. I am really grateful to Miles and Varun for motivating and helping me complete ... Read_More
Senthil Kumar
Senior Analyst
Cleared US CPA exams in Dec-2016
I'd like to thank the entire Miles team for helping me write and clear all the four papers of the CPA exam in my first attempt. While clearing the 4 papers looks mammoth, enrolling at Miles and using their concise text books and the classroom training went a long way in breaking down the exam into smaller and ... Read_More
Khusbu Nahar
Assistant Manager
Cleared US CPA exams in Nov-2016
I appeared for all 4 papers in October 2016 and was able to clear all at first attempt. Miles books helped me in covering almost 90 to 95% of portion and easy language helped in remembering the concepts. ... Read_More
Yogesh Joshi
General Manager- F&A
Blue Star Engineering & Electronics Limited
Cleared US CPA exams in Dec-2016
Entire team is handholding and I enjoyed Varun’s video. The process of enrolment was new where the team has helped a lot and made it very smooth. I am thankful to Miles for making CPA journey full of learnings. ... Read_More
Piyush Pittaliya
Assistant manager
Tata Consultancy Services
Cleared US CPA exams in Nov-2015
I would like to thank Miles Entire Team for guidance and help. I believe Varun's classes were awesome and journey to CPA would have never been so easy without Miles team's support. Overall I had a very good experience at Miles. ... Read_More
Sri Kiran
Cleared US CPA exams in Jun-2015
Miles has been a one stop solution for all my CPA matters - Starting from course details till giving now. ... Read_More
Girish Goenka
Head F&A -West Zone
Godrej Properties Limited
Cleared US CPA exams in Sep-2014
I really appreciate the guidance and support provided by the Miles team and especially Varun. I felt the course was conducted in a very systematic and structured manner. I even felt the course material and the reference books provided were just about adequate for study. Also really appreciate the support and guidance provided for the other aspects ... Read_More
Harshit Agarwal
Manager - Corporate Audit
Coca Cola
Cleared US CPA exams in Oct-2014
It has been a great journey for me in Miles. Doing a full fledged professional course like CPA along with a demanding job would never wouldhave been possible without Varun sir's guidance and Miles material. In the end to say the least " Hard work, determination and Miles are aperfect recipe for success in CPA. Thank you for ... Read_More
Shashank Agarwal
Credit Suisse
Cleared US CPA exams in Jan-2014
Miles has been vital in my journey to become a Certified Public Accountant. I must say the study material has been compiled systematically and very comprehensively. Special thanks to Varun Sir for his timely guidance.... Read_More
Ashish Tiwari
Group CFO
Cleared US CPA exams in Feb-2014
I started studying for CPA because I knew it would develop me professionally. It’s a tough course and as a student, you need to practice a lot and focus on concept if you want to clear it. Overall, Miles Education has been an excellent support and it’s a 'CPA Factory'! ... Read_More
Pallavi Jamsandekar
GM - Finance & Accounts
Forbes and Company Ltd.
Cleared US CPA exams in Dec-2013
I cleared in first attempt and gave all 4 papers in a week. Miles Team has been my guide and partner in my CPA journey and Exams. I missed Sunday classes and excitement of being student for the brief period. Thank you Miles ! ... Read_More
Satish Hatti
Financial Controller
Cleared US CPA exams in Feb-2013
My journey with Miles.... i had a long unfilled dream of having an international degree of repute... i had explored various avenues and finally wanted to pursue CPA. It was a chance meeting on a Saturday evening in Jan-2013, where i attended the Miles CPA roadshow, after that there was no looking back. I was skeptical before ... Read_More
Sunil Gujjar
Tech Leader
Mindtree Ltd
Cleared US CPA exams in Feb-2013
It was a fantastic Uniform CPA exam journey of 9 months. I cleared all 4 sections of the CPA exam (FAR 82, AUD 89, REG 84 and BEC 82) in one go. Thanks to Varun for his wonderful classes and the study material. The classes helped me build a strong foundation of the basics and the study material was sufficient to clear the ... Read_More
Nilesh Vyas
Manager Finance
Tecnimont Group
Cleared US CPA exams in May-2013
Attending whole day classes during weekends that too of intense CPA course flooded with lots & lots of diverse concepts could have been very taxing, but thanks to Varun, he made it possible with his unique style of teaching & lucid narrations topped up with hilarity. I share with Miles large credit of my exam success in first attempt ... Read_More
Prakash Lohia
Senior Manager
E & Y
Cleared US CPA exams in Jan-2013
Thanks to Miles- 30 weekends of classes and 3 weeks of exams preparation were sufficient to clear CPA in first attempt with scores: AUD & FAR - 95, BEC- 90, REG- 88. Enjoyed the classes not only for its exam orientation approach, mnemonics but also for re-acquaint/ understand concepts very well. Great value for money and time invested! As a feedback, I would ... Read_More
Shoaib Khan
Audit Assistant
Cleared US CPA exams in Jan-2013
I would start by a famous quote said by Aristotle The roots of education are bitter, but the fruits are sweet. Same has been the journey with me at Miles. At the start the CPA course everything looked gloomy & uncertain. Countless doubts inhabited my mind due to so many barriers between me and the Ultimate qualification CPA. ... Read_More
Hemang Parmar
Assistant Manager
Cleared US CPA exams in Aug-2013
Learning from Miles was great experience. Their Study Notes, Video Lectures, Techniques and their Team is excellent. Every dream has price and as Miles says "It does take hard work to pass the CPA exam, but that effort lasts merely 1000 hours of smart study over as less as 11 months and simply 4 exams over say 14 days" my dream ... Read_More
Abjeet Singh
Senior Manager - Finance
Sareen Estates Pvt Ltd
Cleared US CPA exams in Mar-2013
The main aim of doing CPA for me was to have an additional professional qualification and obtain the degree in the shortest possible time. At the time of weighing the options for CPA training and guidance, I chose Miles for their style of teaching, the books and the study material. I had attended the trial class for ... Read_More
Goutham G.R
Financial Analyst
Cleared US CPA exams in Jan-2013
I had a great time with Miles classes over the weekend, made lot of friends/contacts. The video lectures were really engaging and motivating even after a good heavy lunch providedJ and I would also like to thank the local instructors since they were knowledgeable, patient and were ready to teach basics on some topics even though ... Read_More
Lino Pereira
Senior Tax Associate
Cleared US CPA exams in -2013
Going with Miles CPA review was one of the best decisions I had made with regard to CPA exam preparations. The video lectures by Mr. Varn Jain were at its best. ... Read_More
Akhila Bandaru
Senior Manager
Cleared US CPA exams in Jul-2012
During one of my US visits in 2005, I got introduced to a lot of colleagues from HSBC who were CPAs and did very well in their career and life. I was thrilled to know of their challenging jobs and balancing lives. Challenge is a positive term in my dictionary. I was immensely motivated to pursue this qualification ... Read_More
Jayashree V
National Instructor
Miles CPA Review
Cleared US CPA exams in Jul-2012
Studying at Miles CPA has been an incredible journey. The text and video materials were precise and up to the point, such that I was able to clear all 4 papers on first attempt and that too with an average score above 80. Miles has the right mantra for success and Varun Jain is an excellent guide. His videos ... Read_More
Dhiraj Gupta
Senior Associate Consultant
Cleared US CPA exams in Jul-2012
Miles CPA review provide me a systematic and professional approach to pursue for CPA. Varun is a born teacher and a very friendly person and have his own new and innovative way of making complex topics look simpler and the way he relate them to practical surroundings is amazing.His continuous guidance,monitoring and easily accessible at ... Read_More
Aditi Kardekar
Project Manager
Cleared US CPA exams in Nov-2012
The fact that you are reading this says that you have decided to do CPA and are contemplating on which CPA review course to join. Look no further because Miles Professional Education's CPA review is a comprehensive course that rigorously prepares you to achive the highest of your potential. I was a part of one of the ... Read_More
Neha Valeja
Tax Consultant
E & Y
Cleared US CPA exams in Nov-2012
Varun is an exceptional instructor. He creates a mix of wit with deep subject matter expertise which leads to an enjoyable and effective learning environment. What makes Miles CPA review different from other courses is his dedicated commitment to focus on the fundamentals first and then go deeper into more complex topics, that build upon the new ... Read_More
Pankaj Galhotra
Sr. Manager (Finance & Accounts)
Kisan Mouldings
Cleared US CPA exams in Nov-2012
I would like to thank Miles for helping me get through one of the most difficult challenges in my life. I passed all four sections on my first attempt. My learning style focuses on mastering just the core information I need to know for an exam rather than trying to figure out what I need out exam ... Read_More
Birendra Maharana
Manager Finance
Haverford BPO Pvt Ltd
Cleared US CPA exams in Jul-2012
Comparing to other CPA material available in the market, I found “Miles CPA review” study materials very precise and easy to understand. Bold letters/Box Summary concept have been used in the book to emphasize the important concept and further the use of mnemonic to memorize the terminology are few of the highlights. The class room recordings ... Read_More
Nitin A.S
Assistant Manager- Business Analysis
Viteos Capital
Cleared US CPA exams in Mar-2012
"I was 2012 batch student at Mumbai. It seems to be 1st batch at Mumbai. Varun Sir's teaching n notes & Question bank were all fine. presentation n content of notes was good, bullet pointed description of each concept, classification of topics under chapter was nice & thats why it was easy to correlate n complete studies in phased manner. ... Read_More
Namrata Kotha
Investment Analyst
DE Shaw
Cleared US CPA exams in Jul-2012
Miles was the best investment of my time, effort and money. I was able to pass all 4 parts of the CPA exams in my first attempt over a span of 7 months. Credit goes to Miles who made it happen for me with the help of their well structured material and lectures. The instructor Varun Jain and his ... Read_More
Abhishek Kabra
J D Kabra & Co.
Cleared US CPA exams in Jul-2012
I really enjoyed the CPA course with Miles. The strategic and planned approach of Varun is really commendable. These are the reasons I was through with all the 4 subjects in one go! Nevertheless, your contribution also do counts. I was lucky to attend all classes by Varun in live. The resources provided by Miles were aptly sufficient. ... Read_More
Arpit Mangal
Senior Analyst
DE Shaw
Cleared US CPA exams in Nov-2011
The destination CPA would have been just in my dreams without MILES, the quality and adequacy of content made me clear CPA in just a years time. Needless to say the trainer has explained things so well with mnemonics that it would take bare minimum time to sync in the concept and to retain it forever. I ... Read_More
Rohan Todarwal
Senior Research Associate
Cleared US CPA exams in Nov-2011
Thank you! Its all thanks to Varun, my journey would not have been complete with him! To start of with Miles cleared so much of the confusion when i had when i met you for the first time. I had done way too much research. Varun is a fantastic teacher, he breaks down the concepts so well ... Read_More