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Miles vs. Competitors

CPA  Certified Public Accountant, path to achieve this designation can be time consuming, difficult and expensive. To successfully complete this process you need to develop and follow a disciplined structured study program. So choosing the right CPA review course is the most important decision you have to make on the path to your CPA designation. Miles CPA Review is the largest provider of CPA classroom training in India.

Led by India's favorite CPA instructor (Varun Jain, CPA, CMA), Miles provides the best in- class study material and a unique delivery model  iCPA.

Let's compare Miles CPA Review with it's Competitors

Miles CPA ReviewUS-course provider(s)  Indian franchise

 Miles CPA ReviewUS-course provider(s) � Indian franchise
Indian presence Company-owned indigenous presence pan India Franchise-based model (with little brand ownership)
Training Delivery Premise Student is an Indian graduate, needs in-depth conceptual understanding and would be appearing for all the 4 parts of the CPA exam with limited gaps Student is a US Bachelor's in Accounting, knows the concepts and has enrolled for review (generally to understand which topics are tested on the CPA exams)
Training Delivery Board Training for Concepts (40%) + Annotations (20%) + Practice Questions (20%) + Interactivity (20%) Focus on Annotations only; No board training for concepts, very few practice questions and negligible interactivity
Pass Rate Over 70% pass rate in 1st attempt N/A
Assistance & CPA license Only review course provider in India with licensed CPAs (including Varun Jain himself) who are authorized to verify the accounting/finance experience of candidates to help them achieve their CPA license Absence of licensed CPAs who are authorized for experience verification becomes a question mark as candidates may even end up losing their exam credit in 3 years of clearing the exams if they don't get their CPA license
Placements Via the Student network & relationships coupled with Corporate relationships/connects Minimal Student relationships & Corporate connects