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Miles ensures the needed "discipline" to be a CPA

CPA (Certified Public Accountant) is the highest accounting credential in the United States which enjoys international recognition as members of AICPA (American Institute of Certified Public Accountant).

CPA Exam comprise 4 parts �

  1. FAR � Financial Accounting & Reporting
  2. AUD � Auditing
  3. REG � Regulation
  4. BEC � Business Economics & Concepts

Miles ensure needed discipline to be a CPA by providing unique �iCAP� delivery model �i� for Interactivity � You will be able to interact with our National Instructor as well as Local Instructors, who are always available during classroom sessions �C� for Concepts � Pre-recorded concepts delivered solely by the National Instructor �P� for Practice Questions � Test your understanding of concepts, with practice questions taken �up �live� by the Local Instructors) �A� for Annotations � To ensure in-depth understanding of concepts, annotations pre-recorded by the National Instructor guides you in proper highlighting and notes on the books

  1. -Over 200 hours of training spread over 24 Sundays using Miles� unique �iCPA� training delivery model
  2. -Concept books by Varun Jain, in exam-focused notes format and including multiple aids for conceptual understanding and memory
  3. -Wiley homework material with relevant multiple-choice questions and simulations from previous CPA exams
  4. -Wiley Exam Review Test Bank which is one of the best available resources in the US for practice questions & mock exams

Miles following disciplined approach in assisting candidate to be a CPA by ensuring the candidate: