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CPA License - "ONLY" Miles helps you get there

Just like CPA examination even the licensing requirements vary state to state. As a general rule, to apply for the CPA license, one has to meet the four @E@ parameters.

  1. E – Examination
  2. E – Education
  3. E – Experience
  4. E – Ethics

Examination: Successfully pass all the four parts of uniform CPA examination conducted by the AICPA

Education: One requires minimum 150 semester credit hours to be eligible for the CPA license

Experience: Most state requires at least two years of public accounting experience. There are many states who also accept non-public accounting experience to be eligible for the CPA license. However there are some states that have more specific requirements such as specified amount of auditing work experience.

Ethics: Ethics is a short offline course which needs to be completed either before or after the CPA examination. Normally once the ethics course is purchased, you have a year to complete it. Ethics exams can be taken at your convenience from home.

International Candidate: Candidates who takes the CPA exam in a location outside of the US, their exam credit lapse unless the candidate is able to get the CPA license within 3 years of clearing the CPA examination.

"ONLY" Miles helps you get there: To apply for the license, you must have work experience under a CPA or verified by a CPA. This is one of the most critical requirements for international candidates because of the 3 years rule and @Miles is the only review course provider in India with licensed CPA's who can authorize your work experience. Based on the four @E@ parameters, Miles guide you in the selection of state board, credits to be obtained and end to end service to obtain license & achieve CPA designation.