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CPA Eligibility - Expert guidance & Bridge Course by Miles

Generally, most Indian B.Com graduates are eligible to take the CPA exams. For non-eligible candidates, Miles CPA Review facilitates a Post Graduate Diploma in Accounting & Finance as a bridge course.

Minimum education requirements for US CPA exams and license:

CPA Exam  120 Credits

CPA License  150 Credits

Every year of university education in India is equivalent to 30 semester credits of US education.

Using 1 year = 30 credits,

B.Com = 3 years x 30 credits = 90 credits

Exception: If B.Com is completed in 1st division from a NAAC A university, the 3-year B.Com would be treated as 4 years of US education, i.e., 120 credits for B.Com alone.

B.Com + M.Com/MBA = 90/120 credits + 60 credits = 150/180 credits

B.Com + CA/CS/CWA = 90/120 credits + 60 credits = 150/180 credits

CA/CS/CWA recognized by few states as 2 years of US education

If Not Eligible candidate may go through the 1-year Post Graduate Diploma in Accounting facilitated by Miles CPA Review i.e for the candidate with

-B.Com from non-NAAC A university and/or without 1st division

-Non-B.Com graduates  Generally, not eligible due to lack of adeuate accounting credits. However, few courses like BBA, BBM, etc. may be eligible and are reviewed on a case-to-case basis